Your grocery is much more than a grocery store : It’s a place to exchange information, a training venue, and a place where you can relax and where you will be welcomed with a smile and with respect. Moreover, the grocery belongs to its members: it is up to them to make it in their image, by sharing their idea and comments… together we can work a miracle! Lastly, the grocery has links with the various organisations of Chomedey and Laval : let us know your needs and we can show you where to go !



"Reduce food insecurity and poverty by supplying food and non-food products at a fair price and/or priced on a scale according to the financial situation of its customers and members." This first focus is mainly accomplished by our solidarity grocery and the community food assistance services.


"In partnership with other organisation of the area, fight poverty and marginalization of its customers and members by setting up services or products that can improve their quality of life and their independence, (such as workshops, hangout time, service exchange network, etc.), particularly with regards to food, education, and socio-professional integration." This focus takes form in particular via our coffee-house but also by our presence on the various boards and round tables across Laval, (CASAL, CDC Laval, CDLC, RUI Chomedey*) as well as our involvement in implementing activities in cooperation with our local partners, via those same tables et boards. (Ex: Pick Your Own, neighbourhood visits, sugar house, etc.)


* Comité d’Action en Sécurité Alimentaire de Laval, Corporation de Développement Communautaire de Laval, Comité de Développement Local de Chomedey, Revitalisation Urbaine Intégrée de Chomedey.